Loving & Living Music

What are we doing?

Loving & Living Music is a project that brings together musicians, music educators and music lovers to explore the importance and impact of musicianship.

Who are we?

Ben Hillyard, Co-founder of Loving & Living MusicHeli Rajasalo, Co-founder of Loving & Living Music

Loving & Living Music is a project initiated by Heli Rajasalo and Ben Hillyard for their combined love of music and people: a passion to help people communicate better & live a fulfilling life that they love, on stage & off.

Heli is a coach & mentor who works with musicians, entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them create extraordinary lives & careers. Ben is a professional bassist, composer, collaborator and teacher whose range covers pop, jazz, funk, classical and rock.

Guest bloggers wanted!

Visit our blog for insights onto musicianship from passionate musicians and music educators and please leave comments wherever anything that’s being said tugs you one way or another.

For even more inspiration, listen to our first event ‘Future of Musicianship’ on Soundcloud and let us know if  you’d like to write a guest post. We welcome guest posts from everyone as long as the post is about musicianship! Our aim is to keep the conversation as open and wide as possible!

Collaborators wanted!

As things stand all our events and activities are funded by external sponsorship and donations. We are looking for collaborators and sponsors to help us make this project happen. And everyone to spread the word!!

We are open to organisations or individuals taking on taking on or creating new activities under the Loving & Living Music umbrella as long as you let us help out and our project gets a mention 🙂

Contact us

email: hello (at) lovinglivingmusic (dot) com