“Loving & Living Music – in search of Musicianship”

A collection of interviews to be published as a reference book for formal & informal education use. Interviews will be with well-known international and UK musicians & music professionals in order for the book to have wide-reaching appeal to educators, musicians and music fans alike.

Read more about our quest for musicianship.

The questions we are asking are:

  1. What is musicianship?
  2. Why is musicianship important?
  3. What’s the impact of having it & not having it?
  4. What would be a good way of teaching musicianship?
  5. What are you own strengths & weaknesses in terms of musicianship? (if relevant)

We are looking for:

  • Well-known artists, musicians and producers who might be interested in donating an interview for the book. We also welcome a photo and a short biog of their choice.
  • Funding for publishing the book.
  • Help to promote this part of the project.

Contact us

email: hello (at) lovinglivingmusic (dot) com