Masters at Work

There’s nothing like hearing and watching masters of your craft at work. On Wednesday night we went to see Chick Corea and Gary Burton at the Barbican and got a perfect example of some of the things we’ve been talking about on this blog.

This is a partnership in it’s 40th year. Obviously at complete ease with each other, throughout the evening they were generously leaving space for each other, weaving their parts together, each picking up on the phrases, dynamics and moods of the other’s playing and complementing it perfectly. What struck me was how they seemed to use their knowledge of each other’s playing, not as an excuse to take it easy, but to listen deeper into what each other was doing.

Also in evidence was the duo’s wide influences, playing jazz standards as well as versions of The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby, pieces by Scriabin and Bartók, and an brilliantly witty original piece inspired by Mozart.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

One thought on “Masters at Work

  1. I am excited to know there are folks in the UK thinking ‘big picture’ when it comes to music education. Our POV may seem a bit odd – we think the future is looking up for music education (especially in the private sector) and we believe that technology will play a critical role in reaching our largest music making demographic – the 22 and older crowd with an emphasis on adult music hobbyists.

    Here is a recent post that explains a bit of my perspective:

    And more about why the future of music education is BRIGHT!

    I look forward to future conversations with all of you!

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