What is this?

Workshops for professional and amateur musicians to explore and practise Musicianship, with emphasis on communication on stage and off stage.

We are looking for

  • Organisations interested in offering this workshop for their members/clients

Contact us

email: hello (at) lovinglivingmusic (dot) com

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presents Musicianship Workshops

Who is this for:

Practicing musicians, artists, bands, orchestras who want to develop their collaborations skills, including communicating with people verbally and especially through playing.

We can accommodate all music styles and almost any instruments, including your voice.

What you will get out of it:

  • Increased confidence in communicating on & off stage
  • Heightened musical awareness
  • Improved contribution to the music you’re making
  • Increased sense of professionalism
  • Greater enjoyment from making/playing music

What’s on the agenda:

  • Explore the various elements of musicianship in the wider context of communicating with others on stage and off stage
  • Become aware of your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn & practice different ways of listening and giving feedback
  • Apply new communication skills one-on-one and within a group, with and without instruments.

Who’s running it:

Heli Rajasalo, personal coach
Ben Hillyard, bassist, composer, collaborator

How to arrange & anything more you want to know:

Contact us through emailing with your contact details and when & where you would like to offer this workshop. We’ll call or email you back to discuss the details and work out practicalities and fees.